Using state-of-the-art technology, Laser Precision Cutting produces your custom parts with individualized service, expertise, and attention to detail. Talk to us about your next project. Working with us is clean, quick and easy.

With the addition of a PrimaPower® 6KW fiber laser, we can now provide production level quantities of your parts.

At Laser Precision Cutting, we use high-performance PrimaPower® and Bystronic® Cutting systems. Our Laser Cutting and Waterjet Cutting are complementary technologies — each with its own advantages. We always select the very best tool for your materials and specific project requirements.

Fabrication Services

Laser Precision Cutting offers custom metal fabrication services in aluminum, mild and stainless steel. When you need metal fabrication for your custom parts, we are your #1 source for quality parts produced to your specifications.

Laser Cutting Services

With LPC’s Laser Cutting Services, you can quickly and economically realize smooth curves and intricate designs for your custom parts. Laser Cutting is a versatile option useful in applications for many industries. Our high-performance lasers leave a precise edge with a high-quality surface finish and cut through materials up to 1-inch thick.

PrimaPower® 6KW fiber laser with 5 ft by 10 ft table
Bystronic® CNC 2800-watt Laser with 5 ft by 10 ft table
Bystronic® CNC 1500-watt Lasers with 4 ft by 8 ft table

Bystronic® CNC 1500-watt Tube laser

Waterjet Cutting Services
Our Waterjet Cutting services cut through materials up to 4-inches thick. With no heat-affected zone, our abrasive Waterjet Cutting process is capable of cutting a variety of materials without harming or changing the material’s intrinsic properties.

Bystronic® Waterjet with 5 ft by 10 ft table

To GET STARTED, just send us your CAD-files and we’ll get you a quote in 1-2 business days. We can also transform your drawings to digital CAD-files for you.